Everything is in a constant stress, really. I mean, everything is vibrations, everything is in a constant fluctuation, between this and that. Nothing is permanent. So, to say that you feel stressed does not really have to signify something that is wrong or unnatural. It is a part of nature, so to say. It’s just […]

life is a play

Life is a play. It is things going that way, and this way, things making sounds, and things not making sounds. It is music, it is art, it is play. Sometimes, tragedies are being played, sometimes comedies, and isn’t there beauty in both? There is no good and bad, you see. There is beauty in […]


It’s funny how we look at the mistakes made in nature as evolution, while the mistakes we make ourselves we feel embarassed about. We feel as if it is wrong to make mistakes. But, how are you supposed to evolve, just like nature evolves, without making mistakes? So, don’t be ashmed of your mistakes, embrace […]


Relationships usually consist of 2 people with problems coming together, with the result of creating even more problems. Eventually they realize that they will have less problems if they end the relationship, and so the break-up occurs. No, a relationship is not for solving problems. A relationship is about coming together, becoming one. If you […]