the best version of yourself

Isn’t the best version of yourself just you? I mean, the best you can’t be any better than you already are. You are you, so to say. There is no “best” you, or “worst” you. There’s you and your ego, maybe, but that’s about it. Self-improvement is bullshit. ┬áIf you let go of everything, let […]

harmony of life

via Daily Prompt: Harmonize In music, harmony is the grouping of notes in a way that makes them sound good together. On their own, they are just either major, or minor, or inbetween, but when certain groups are played together, they make sense. It sounds pleasing to the ear. Other groups, though, sound like they […]


Relationships usually consist of 2 people with problems coming together, with the result of creating even more problems. Eventually they realize that they will have less problems if they end the relationship, and so the break-up occurs. No, a relationship is not for solving problems. A relationship is about coming together, becoming one. If you […]