What is success? How do you achieve it? Is success happiness? Getting rich? Becoming famous? Everyone seems to be searching for success nowadays. I mean, if you for example think that success is happiness. Does that mean that you’re planning to one day reach a point where you are constantly happy? I believe that’s not […]

possessed by material

Never take material possessions too seriously. If you do, they will control you. The statement above might sound a little funny. I mean, material controlling you? You control yourself, right? Yes, true, you control yourself, but think about what controls you. If your life is about getting that next thing, whatever it is. Maybe a […]

bad life advice

I read a quote today, basically stating that everyone is as special in this world and eventually we will all be given our time to shine. The problem with this is what it implies. It implies that something is lacking now (wrong) and that the future will set things right (wrong). Advice telling you that […]


Everything is in a constant stress, really. I mean, everything is vibrations, everything is in a constant fluctuation, between this and that. Nothing is permanent. So, to say that you feel stressed does not really have to signify something that is wrong or unnatural. It is a part of nature, so to say. It’s just […]


Relationships usually consist of 2 people with problems coming together, with the result of creating even more problems. Eventually they realize that they will have less problems if they end the relationship, and so the break-up occurs. No, a relationship is not for solving problems. A relationship is about coming together, becoming one. If you […]