The world seems to be in such a hurry. Airplanes buzzing past above. Cars breaking the speed limit. Honking. People walking too fast. Drug abuse. Cocaine. Speed.

Why all this hurry? What is it for? What are we trying to get to, hurrying along faster and faster? What end are we going to reach, if not a total breakdown? A breakdown of all this hurry, or, you could say, a breakdown of society.

We need to realize that things can’t go faster and faster forever. Eventually humanity will reach a point where people will totally break down due to stress. We are already seeing signs of this.

The most tragic thing, though, is that people will have trouble actually living. You enjoy life the most when you live in the present moment, but if you are always hurrying towards the next thing, you will never pause. The only time you’ll realize you’re alive is when you are about to die. Unfortunately, that’s a whole lifetime too late.

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