Why are people so inclined towards the idea of retirement. It’s as if they work as hard as they can so that, hopefully, one day, they can do whatever they want. Well, what if you never make it to that point? What if you work your ass off living an unhappy life just to die before you reach the point where you are financially stable enough to retire? I mean, you wont care when you’re dead, of course, but it seems a bit sad to live your life for nothing.

I propose that instead of trying so hard to reach that point where you don’t have to do anything, you find something you like doing, right now at this moment. And you keep living your life that way, by doing things you like doing. I think you should be able to find something that you like doing that could also give you an income. Isn’t that a much nicer life to live than working your ass off in a dull job so that hopefully you can retire when you are (in most cases) 60 or 70 years old?

Let’s say for the sake of it that you could retire when you were 20. To a lot of people that sounds amazing. But if you don’t know what you really like doing, how fun is being retired going to be?

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