I feel like people get called insane too easily nowadays. I mean, sure, some people are profoundly insane, like people locked up in wards, and so on. But, some people are viewed as crazy just by being themselves. People are usually a little afraid of people who act very differently from themselves. They might be a little more alert and attentive around such a person. But, if a person is just being who he or she truly is, it is quite absurd that people would feel fear around such a person.

I’d say, be less afraid around those who act very differently, because, what’s to say that they are dangerous. I mean, there are serial killers who act perfectly normally in society and there are serial killers who act insane. If you feel more afraid around weird people you might just as well be afraid around your average joe, so to say. The scary part is that there are a lot of people who act alike, all of us who are playing this “grown-up” role.

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