always be skeptical

Always be skeptical. Why? I’d say that the major problem is that essentially everyone is out to make money, have sex, or avoid loneliness. So, don’t trust anyone. Because, you can almost always assume that the people you encounter are in this headspace, of trying to “get” something. Money, is an important part of the game, sex is really pleasurable, loneliness is terrible. Ok. Number one: Yes, money might be considered quite important for a nice life, but you dont need that much for a decent life. Usually, more doesn’t equal better. Number two: Sex is pleasurable, but you don’t have to be addicted to pleasure. You can still appreciate pleasure, and pursue it when it is fitting. Number three: Maybe loneliness is sometimes more dull than being around others, but usually people despise loneliness because they despise themselves, they don’t like hanging with themselves. They don’t like who they are. So, all these reasons are not really valid to live after, or not obligatory.

Don’t trust anyone, only someone who interacts without trying to “get” something out of the interaction. Only such a person can you really trust. Consider yourself lucky if you meet such a person, because they are rare.

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