Finding love is more about finding yourself than finding some other person. A lot of people are hung up on the belief that the only way to find love is by finding that “special” person who will transform your life. But don’t you realize, you are that special person! You are who you are looking for.

You will never find true love if you are always searching for love on the outside. Because, if you happen to find that some special person who transforms you, you will fear losing this person. What do you think this fear will do to your relationship? It will destroy it. Your relationship will at times be good, but at times it will be circled around fighting, jealousy, and so on. This is obviously because of your fear. It is especially bad if both of the parts in the relationship have this fear. It’s a recipe for disaster.

True love, therefore happens when you love yourself. Only then can you truly love someone else. You can be together with someone not because you don’t like yourself or you are afraid of yourself, but because you truly want to be with this other person. If both parts go into a relationship from this standpoint, isn’t that a recipe for something amazing, something magical? You can totally lose yourself in eachother, because there is no fear. No fear of anything.

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