how to get rich

If you want to be rich, don’t look for more money. It’s strange that we regard some people as rich when all they do is try and make more and more money. Doesn’t their search for more money imply that they are not rich, they are not satisfied, they need more money. Doesn’t being rich imply you don’t need anything else? You are supposed to be satisfied.

So, to be rich, live as though you were poor. You of course don’t need to take it to extremes… sleeping on the street, starving, and so on. But maybe you don’t need 2 cars, an amazing house, TV, and so on. Spend money on some adventures, nice food, drinks, experiences, and so on. If you’re short on money maybe you can’t get the most amazing of things but maybe if you learn to appreciate things then it might feel amazing regardless of price.

Eventually, you might look at your bank account and realize you have much more money than you thought you had. Because all this time you were living as if you were poor, or on less than you actually had. That is how you become rich. That is how one is supposed to live their life.

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