possessed by material

Never take material possessions too seriously. If you do, they will control you.

The statement above might sound a little funny. I mean, material controlling you? You control yourself, right? Yes, true, you control yourself, but think about what controls you. If your life is about getting that next thing, whatever it is. Maybe a car, a new girlfriend, a good body, and so on. Then you need to consider that this is probably controlling you.

You see, your thoughts are the root of your actions. If your thinking is circled around material things than you are probably not going to get much else in your life than material. And it has been said a lot of times that material possessions will never make you happy.

It gets more interesting if you go a bit deeper into this. Isn’t it true that we think in matter of things. Our thinking is based on our words, which are really things, that is, something that we’ve created. So, it is important to realize that your thoughts are a form of material possession. You are not really your thoughts, they’re just things. What I’m coming to is that it’s important to be able to not think, otherwise you are being controlled. You don’t want material possessions to control, because they will never make you happy, or at least feel at peace.



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