video games vs life

Video games are fun, yes. You get to play God. You get to be in control, there is nothing that can harm you. You can do anything possible within the laws of the game. However, one should never get consumed by video games, that is, make their life circled around them. The thing with a game that doesn’t permit you to die, is that it can never feel real. You can never really get a feeling of aliveness, if there is an absence of death. Yes, a video game can feel very, very real, but in the end it can never really feel truly real if you can’t die in the game. The game might have the most realistic graphics and look exactly like real life, but it can never become real life.

Maybe one day we will be able to make a game where we are connected in some advanced way which permits us to die in a video game, but where is the fun in that? You might just as well play the game of real life.

See, the point of video games is to play God. Eventually being God gets boring though, and you’ll want to have less control.


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